Managing Cracked and Callused Skin




        Since 2015, SandBar has been a company committed to bridge the gap between athletes and hand care. We are passionate about our journey, the challenges we face and the amazing connections we forge. And we LOVE it!

Meet the Team


RyLee is the heart behind SandBar. When she isn’t working on the business she can be found at her local CrossFit box in the early hours of the morning, out on on the lake, or pursuing new ideas.

Before inventing the SandBar, she taught 2nd grade.

RyLee doesn’t trust anybody that doesn’t love dogs.

At 41, she is the fittest and happiest ever!

Britney is the fuel behind SandBar, bringing the vision to life. She loves to spend time outside hiking, biking and camping and is always up for an adventure.

Britney is a firm believer in caffeine, getting out of your comfort zone and karma.

She lives happily in Utah with her mini Australian Shepherd, Aiyo.