Climbers Hands:
How to Help Prevent Flappers

Got Calluses?

I bet you do. And if you’re a climber, your hands and fingers are probably dry and as crusty as death valley! A true adventurer, I’d bet that you have taped your bleeding cracked skin and kept on climbing, gritting your teeth as you ignore the pain.

What most climbers are missing is a foundational piece to skin care- and it’s simply knowledge. So here’s the deal: hard skin, or calluses, grow to protect new growth. Too much build up causes ¬†already dead skin to build up and becomes much more likely to scrap and catch on holds causing tears and rips.

Don’t get me wrong- calluses are GOOD! They are essential to every athlete. We do not want to get completely rid of calluses, instead we want to manage and nurture our skin so that it stays strong and smooth.

File down those protruding calluses to level with the surrounding skin, just remember not to file too much of your skin away. Creating a new habit of filing down your calluses will pay dividends in your climbing and help to avoid those dreaded flappers!