About Us

We make the best callus management system on the market for one simple reason: we needed it. We are just like you. We lift weights. We play sports. We love/hate Fran. We work hard. We have callused hands.

No joke. Our hands were as crusty and dry as Death Valley. At first, we wore calluses thick and proud. The thicker, the prouder. But then we realized that, left unmanaged, calluses would be one of our biggest obstacles.

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 We started making SandBar+BarButter to help us with our training and it worked! We wanted to keep it to ourselves but our friends got jealous and we started making enough to go around. You're Welcome.

The Problem

Calluses... they're great when they protect the soft, baby skin underneath them but they are the WORST when they rip, leaving you blistered, bloody and raw. This problem is universal in active, fitness oriented lifestyles. Whether you lift weights, CrossFit, do gymnastics, climb or even rope cattle, calluses buildup can be a huge problem.

This is where our story starts, at the intersection of fitness and ripped hands. SandBar's inventor and the company's fearless leader, RyLee, had been doing CrossFit for about a year when she realized that her gains were being held up by sore, tired, blistered, raw and sometimes bloody hands. Though she knew maintaining the callus buildup was the only way to prevent this, it always fell to the wayside due to her busy schedule. At the time, there was no really good way to keep her calluses subdued. Files, scissors, cuticle nippers, razor blades and everything else helped, but weren't a REAL SOLUTION.ripped

The Solution

After countless rips and missed training sessions, frustration was at an all time high when RyLee thought to herself
"too bad I can't file my calluses while I'm kipping on the bar". Right after that WOD she went straight to her garage and the SandBar was born!

Get a grip on your fitness

There's nothing fancy or elaborate about the SandBar. In fact, the simplicity and raw design is what makes it the MOST EFFECTIVE callus management tool in the game!

SandBar+BarButter = Complete Callus Management

The SandBar is hands down (pun intended) the best tool for callus control. But callus buildup is only one part of the problem. Thick, overly hardened skin needs a special kind of love to stay healthy. Our quest to create the only Complete Callus Management system was missing one key component... a moisturizer that wouldn't make our hands lotiony (thats a word, right?) soft but would keep the layer of crust from cracking. Thus, BarButter was born.

Through trial and error, careful research and many test runs, we painstakingly formulated BarButter to provide your skin with nourishment and moisture only using high quality, natural ingredients (mostly organic, hooray earth).

We kept it simple. No chemicals. No softeners. No junk. 

Rip Less. Train More. Guaranteed

The Guarantee

Together, SandBar+BarButter is the best way to reduce ripping, tearing and blistering due to calluses. We are so confident that this system will work for you that we GUARANTEE it. 

If you find that using SandBar+BarButter routinely doesn't lessen the frequency of your rips, tears and blisters... You're probably not using it right. But send It back for a full refund anyway.

The SandBar is hands down (pun intended) the best tool for callus control.