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How long does the SandBar last?

The SandBar was built to last a LONG TIME. One of our first customers has been using his since 2015 and it's still going strong (as of April, 2017).

We are so confident in the durability of the SandBar that every one we sell has a One Year Warranty. If your SandBar loses its effectiveness within one year of purchase or is delivered in a defective condition, hit us up and we'd be happy to replace it.

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Rip Less. Train More. Guaranteed? What's the catch?

There is no catch. If you are correctly using the SandBar, we guarantee that you'll experience less severe and less frequent rips, blisters and callus related injuries. If you are unsatisfied with your SandBar, email us and we will do what we can to make it right.

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What happens when the abrasive wears out?

Honestly, we don't know because it hasn't happened yet. We cannot for any reason imagine the abrasive wearing out from use on skin. Sure, a few years down the line it misn't be pretty worn out, but if you're not using it for woodworking projects it should last you a REALLY LONG TIME.

After a few uses, the abrasive will collect dead skin and feel pretty dull. All you gotta do is either brush the dead skin out with an old toothbrush (or something like it) and/or wash it with soap and water. YES... the SandBar is WATERPROOF.

Please wash your SandBar regularly.

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How often should I use the SandBar?

Short answer: Use it as many times per week as you workout.

Long answer: Every time you put friction and/or pressure on your skin more callus builds up. Essentially, you're making your callus thicker with every rep... so you gotta combat that by managing them with your SandBar. We suggest briefly using the SandBar before every workout and doing a more intense removal session once a week (to get those tricky areas).

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How do I use BarButter?

Use BarButter as often as you'd like, except right before training (you might slip off the bar). The more you use it, the more it will benefit you. 

The best time to use BarButter is right before bed after you've washed your hands. For best results, apply to damp skin as it will seal in the moisture and absorb faster with the water.

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When will my order ship?

We do everything we can to ship out orders as quickly as possible. Every order we get before 2pm PST will ship out same day. All orders after that time will go out next day. We do not ship orders over the weekend. 

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What is the difference between free shipping and priority shipping?

The free domestic shipping we provide is USPS First Class Mail. It is generally really quick (3-7 days within US). Priority Mail is also through USPS and is faster (1-4 days).

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What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 60 days of purchase. To get your money back, the item must be returned back to us in new (unused) condition. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Email us for details.

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Ask us anything!

If you're you can't find the answer you are looking for, hit us up! We will get back to you ASAP. If you contact us during normal working hours, we respond pretty quick... weekends are a little spotty.

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