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All words that describe your heels. It doesn’t look great, but you live with it.

Get healthy calluses
and smooth skin with
the SandBar treatment. 

1. Use SandBar to file the calluses.
2. Apply SandBar Salve.
3. Massage salve into skin.
4. Play footsies confidently.

don't give in.

Give your heels the SandBar treatment. The problem isn’t a lack of moisturizing or hydration. It’s neglect.

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Here’s the truth. 

You have calluses on your feet. And they need proper, regular maintenance. The skin cells on your hands and feet replicate more quickly than any other area of the body, building up layers and layers of dead skin, leaving hard, broken and unattractive skin on your feet. Sorry, those are unhealthy calluses.

Tips and tricks: 

  • SandBar is waterproof, so keep it handy in your shower for easy, regular access. 
  • Don’t moisturize before filing. That just leaves lotion on dead skin.
  • Use SandBar Salve after filing to nourish the healthy skin you’ve uncovered.
  • Massage the salve into your skin so it penetrates into the deeper layers.

Finish Smooth.

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