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sandbar callus care

A new way to file calluses

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sandbar callus file

The full eight inches

Preserving, Not Removing

File down the excess top layers of thick, hard skin, while maintaining the strong calluses you want.

Train longer, Be stronger

Rough skin catches. Then, it tears. SandBar callus file smooths and strengthens calluses so they’re healthy and ready to work.

One Year Warranty

Durable, waterproof abrasive that’s made to last and that’s easy to clean.

Sometimes, size matters

All 8 inches fits just right in your gym bag or backpack. The protective cardboard tube prevents snags on clothes and shoes.

True Grip Care

The same shape and size as barbells, kettlebells and pull-up bars. So you file all the same pressure points that created your calluses in the first place.

Controlled Filing

Room for both hands, provides space for a strong grip. Get the exact leverage and force that’s just right for your skin.

You started it. Now finish it.

You wouldn’t skip the shower. Treat and file your calluses after a job well
done, and show the world you’re strong and touchable.

One Year Warranty

SandBar callus file is easy to grip with your entire hand, so you get leverage without risk of breaking the file. You can finally file down calluses with confidence and control.

Waterproof for easy use
and easy care

Use SandBar wet or dry. Leave in the shower or the gym bag. Our corrosion resistant aluminum can take it all. Wash SandBar file abrasive regularly to maintain the superior level of grit.

No more shavers, razors
or callus removers

SandBar callus file is all you need. You only file off the amount you want, safely and painlessly. 

Pro tip: Cutting calluses off or out can actually cause your skin to produce scar tissue, making skin regenerate thicker and harder than before. 

Real callus care.

Do your calluses a favor and get to the root of the issue. File off the extra top layers before applying a nutrient-rich salve. Just a few seconds of daily filing makes all the difference.

Pro tip: Moisturizer on top of dead skin doesn’t penetrate to the healthy layers underneath. File first. Then salve up.

"A product I never knew I needed"

I bought my first SandBar at a competition. I was  there supporting a friend. At first, I didn’t think I needed it, but I do pole dance fitness and my hands get GNARLY after trick training. So, I grabbed one. And I’m SO glad I did.

— Kandi S.

Simple quality
gets the job done.

sandbar callus care

SandBar file is built for athletes, with design and materials that are strong, get the job done and that last. But just in case, our one year warranty guarantees your satisfaction.