SandBar: The Key To Ripping Less #InTheOpen
Keeping Your Hands Open Ready Just Got Easier
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How It Works
Keep The Callus, Lose The Crust
Callus is great when it performs the way it should. Unfortunately, when it gets too thick it tends to crack and rip. A rips/tear is essentially friction ripping the thick crusty skin away from the rest of your hand.

The SandBar evens out the thick spots in those areas that experience the most friction.
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Rip Less, Train More.™

SandBar® and BarButter™ are an unstoppable team. When used correctly, we
guarantee that you'll rip less severely and less frequently. But if for some reason it
doesn't work for you, hit us up and we'll make it right.

One Year Warranty

Each SandBar® is designed and manufactured to last a LONG TIME when
used appropriately. If it doesn't last at least one year, send it back and we'll fix it.

5 Star Reviews

People LOVE their SandBar® and BarButter™. But don't take our word for it, check out what they're saying about us.

Trusted By The Pros
Jacob Heppner
3x Individual Crossfit Games Athlete
Brent Fikowski
2nd at 2017 Crossfit Games
Patrick Vellner
3rd at 2017 Crossfit Games
Jen Smith
3x Individual Crossfit Games Athlete