How to NOT rip your hands! 5 tips on caring for calluses. Avoid painful tears and rips and keep your training on track. Don’t let hard, built up callus prevent you from your workouts. Get in the daily habit of shaving down callus. Tips to healing callused hands.

1. Are your hands are soft with little to no calluses?  

Welcome to the world of tough hands! So, you’re a beginner and you’re learning that your hands aren’t as tough as old farmer Joe down the street. Hey, that’s not a bad thing! As a beginner, you may find your hands working harder than they have in awhile. You’re learning to kip and that means that you’ll be spending a lot of time on the pull up bar practicing. Here’s a few tips to prevent injury while building up some good calluses. Get in the habit early on of moisturizing those hands! Skin that is properly hydrated retains its elasticity and resilience to injury. Bar Butter is specially formulated for exactly this! (link to bar butter on website) Ease into it! Use some athlete’s tape over those frequently used areas as you are training, to help create a small barrier as those calluses start to build up. Just because your calluses aren’t like old farmer Joe doesn’t mean you don’t have any calluses at all. Start with using SandBar to shave down those calluses so they are even and smooth a couple times a week, (possibly daily depending on work load) and those painful tears will not have you out for an entire week.

2.  Are your hands too callused?

You are one tough athlete and a total badass! We love ya for it, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t make you cool to leave your blood and puss dried up on the pull up bar, and it certainly isn’t cute to your S.O. when they needs a little lovin’. (Ladies this means you too!) Real athletes care for their bodies and that includes the skin on their fingers and palms.

At the end of the day, calluses are important, but too much build up is the enemy. Remember to sand/shave down your calluses regularly- and for the every day athlete, this means sanding nearly every day. Your hands should be smooth and even, so that when your lady holds your hand, she isn’t grabbing a handful of rocks- and maybe you’ll get a little more love too. 😉

3. Chalk Addict? Chalk-aholic?

Although it is magical to leave a plume of chalk dust in your wake before your AMRAP, small amounts of chalk is in your best interest. (And the interest of anybody else breathing as they walk by your chalk volcano.) Too much chalk equals too much friction and will also dry your hands out leaving them more susceptible to tearing. Avoid using so much chalk that the entire gym is coughing it out during the WOD and only use it on parts of your skin that will be making direct contact with equipment.

4. Grip Problems?

Where are you grabbing the bar when you kip and snatch? Is it way down towards to palm of your hands? Or do you grip more around the base of your fingers? The more palm you use, the more likely you are to rip because more skin is folded over. It takes some getting used to, but practice gripping the equipment closer to the base of your fingers.

5. Are You Taking the Time to Prevent Future Tears?

You are taking to time to build up those quads and you’re working on your lung capacity- and conditioning your palms is just as important! Keeping your calluses to an absolute minimum will enable you to train longer and stronger. Get in the habit of using SandBar, it can be right before your WOD, in the car, in the shower, on the toilet even! Invest in your workouts by making sure your palms and fingers are ready for whatever hell you’re going to put them through next. Trust me, it’s worth it.



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