Whether you lift weights, boulder, row, or dig holes with a shovel all day- chances are your hands leave a lot to be desired. Let’s reflect for a second: Are people repulsed by your crusty, snaggy skin? Is your love life suffering because of your gnarly hands? Nevermind those nasty tears and flappers that you get on the barbell or boulder that take over a week to heal. Gone are the days of picking or even worse, biting, your dead skin in public (Not cute, guys).


Callus build up is natural and GOOD. They’re there for a reason. However, your callus should be pliable, meaning moveable and smooth. Thick, hard callused skin will bunch up and pinch affecting your grip, causing pain or even tears. When your callus is maintained and healthy, there is not dead skin there to detach from the healthy regrowth. Sanding down all the hard, white nasty skin regularly will aid in your grip- and all other things hand related. 😉


Our SandBar Salve completes the perfect duo for all your callus needs. After sanding, (but not before you work out for obvious reasons) apply the SandBar Salve to your ridge of callus. Rub your hands together, and don’t forget to bring your hands to your face and inhale through your nose! Why? Because SandBar Salve is made with some of the best smelling all-natural essential oils we could find.


Wash with soap and water… maybe take an old toothbrush to it as well. Many SandBar users regularly tap it against a hard surface to let the flakes loose too.

 We don’t recommend tapping it at the kitchen table. 😉


We recommend storing your SandBar in its protective case.