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Rip Less, Train More.™

Tubular design mimicks barbells, kettlebells and pull-up bars allowing you to remove calluses from the same pressure points that cause them. Corrosion resistant aluminum won't rust in the shower or your musty gym bag.
Super durable, waterproof abrasive can be washed and reused for years. Aggressive grit easily removes the thickest and hardest calluses, yet fine enough for those with less callused hands.
BarButter is our 100% natural healing salve specifically formulated for callused hands. It hydrates and protects skin without the chemicals and skin softeners that other products use. Prevents crusty buildup.

Don't Let Your Grip Be An Excuse

Most people don't know their hands are holding them back
Callus is great when it performs the way it should. Unfortunately, when it gets too thick it tends to crack and rip. A rips/tear is essentially friction ripping the thick crusty skin away from the rest of your hand.

The SandBar evens out the thick spots in those areas that experience the most friction.
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